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  About Multiplex Manager

Multiplex Manager is a cross platform tool that designs and optimises Multiplex PCRs.

It allows you to enter your marker information and will automatically create a set of reactions that optimises for the criteria you specify.
By default, Multiplex Manager creates a reaction set that:

  • Minimises the total number of reactions
  • Maximises the spacing between markers in the same reaction
  • Minimises the variance of annealing temperature in each reaction

While doing this, it also takes into account complementarity between markers in the same reaction
(automatically calculated from your marker sequences) and any specific artifacts that consistently appear in your electrophoretograms.

An example of a report generated by Multiplex Manager can be found here

To see an example of how to use Multiplex Manager, check out the Overview Screencast

Multiplex Manager is written in C++ using the Qt GUI framework, which makes it possible to create Windows, Mac OS and Linux versions of the application with ease.

Multiplex Manager is released under the GNU General Public License. For more information about the GPL, check out